Final battle system and more

Got another chunky update! This one adds a bit of a climactic end to the entire game so far.


  • A new final showdown system: when you save enough planets you will be taken to a system where the enemies are making a final stand. Here you can set up defenses to help when the final fleet arrives. Defeat the fleet to drive them out of the region for good.
  • Reworked the Ninja Star ability a bit. It spawns more Ninja Stars, they can destroy incoming projectiles to help protect the ship more and they can be released without spawning more instantly.

  • Update to HUD display, ammo and health now float near the player's ship to help keep that information easy to see.
  • Fixed bug where events would spawn immediately after you are paused
  • Fixed a crash when a planet was reduced to 0 health @Max reported
  • Slightly smaller hitbox on player's ship (should make the game a little easier)
  • Added damage indication when enemies or the player are near death


For Windows v0.4.1 79 MB
Oct 02, 2019
For Mac v0.4.1 82 MB
Oct 01, 2019

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