A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Power of Ten

Explore procedurally crafted star systems. Defending each citizen with your spacecraft, gathering new weapons and resources, trading with other pilots and more.

This is a prototype:

There will be a lot of bugs, it's not a lot of content (30 minutes - hour). I'm putting this out because I need feedback on if this is fun, what's good and what's bad about it. If you play this please join the Discord to provide feedback and see when new versions are released.

How to play:

WASD/Arrow Keys will navigate you through menus

W/S  or Up/Down arrow add or remove ship speed

Space or Left Mouse to fire weapon

R or Right Mouse to activate the ship's ability

Mouse cursor determines the direction your ship will fly

F/Enter to interact with most things


Tip: Asteroids are resource rich and you can trade with other ships for the resources you need.

Install instructions


You may have to enable applications from "anywhere" to launch the game (you'll get a "damaged" error when trying to launch it otherwise). I understand if you don't want to do this but I couldn't write a line of malicious code to save my life. Here's a helpful article with step by step of how to access that option.


For Mac v0.4.2 82 MB
For Windows v0.4.2 79 MB

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Really great game. And the music is beautiful and relaxing.

The problem that I encountered though is that when playing a tough ship (and maybe others too but haven't checked that yet) I swapped my ship with some other ship that I've just repaired in deep space and they both turned in some sort of buggy sprites with grey background, “undefined” special ability and extremely low ammo

Oh interesting. Do you know what ship you had and which one you switched to? I’ll test that out and get a fix out.

The one I had was Burrl, but unfortunately I can’t tell which ship I switched to, sorry


No worries. Thanks for reporting and I'll look into it. Glad you enjoyed it!


Fixed in the next release. Thanks for finding that :).

Fun Game i like the art style!

Really cool game! Keep it up!

Thank you! Really appreciate it.


Really enjoying this!

Awesome! How far did you get?

cleared a couple systems before I died!


Awesome game, love how the weapons look and the friendly ships flying between planets you can trade with.  I found it some what hard to aim, especially when you and the enemy are both flying pretty fast.  It would be nice if there was a "Slow Speed" button, to let you aim while still being able to strafe(since you can't while stopped).  That or let the player strafe/reverse when not moving forward.  As for bugs, the game did crash when I died, and trading with a friendly ship for gas/minerals plays the pickup sound very loud because you get all of them at the same time.  Looking forward to seeing how this game turns out, its got tons of potential! 

Hey Jay, thanks for playing and leaving your feedback it's very helpful. Can you tell me which ship you played as? Also if you played as multiple ships which one did it crash when you died?

Your "slow speed" idea is interesting... I may have to explore that some.

The first time I crashed, I started as the ship with the shield and transferred into one with a Drone ability.  The second time I started as the shuriken ship, and transferred into one with the shield.

Okay great that will help me testing the death crash. Did you find it hard to aim with all the ships? The shuriken one has significantly different set up in that area so I'm just curious if it felt like that across the board or just with that ship?

More so with the faster ships and the slower weapons.  Like the machine gun and burst felt the best because they were the most forgiving for me with hitting.  (I love the beam laser but since I am bad at aiming missing a fighter or planet missile could be very dangerous)


Its cool dude

Thanks so much!