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A single starfighter trying to save as many civilians as possible before they are overrun by a bloodthirsty armada.

You'll need to gather new weapons, upgrade your ship, find resources, trade with other ships, and more to overcome the challenge before you. Each run is a uniquely created journey where you'll utilize flight skills and strategy you've built over many runs to crush the challenges ahead.


  •  10 unique playable ships you can discover and unlock.

  • Procedurally crafted star systems, every run is uniquely challenging
  • Dozens of unique and powerful weapons, items, and upgrades to find, equip and progress your fighter

  • Weapon hybrid system that allows for hundreds of unique combinations of weapons
  • Dozens of challenging and diverse enemy ships to test your flight skills. You'll never know what you'll face next!
  • Gather resources to power up shield generators to save civilians
  • Find special events and secrets hidden in the stars
  • Trade with roaming starships to increase your odds of success
  • An immersive blend of pixel art and procedural generated art to create beautiful galaxies
  • Three unique regions to progress through, each with unique vibes, character, and mechanics to discover

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Buy Now$11.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $11.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Power of Ten Windows - v 1.3.1 123 MB
Power of Ten Mac - v1.3.2 133 MB

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Demo for Windows v0.13.5 81 MB

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Please update the itch.io version! My game keeps crashing and I lost my data.

sorry that happened! Can you provide any sort of error message that is happening or describe the steps to replicate the crash?

is that on steam? if so ill buy it!! :D

Yup it is. Purchase here gets a steam key as well.

o shit nice

Is there an option to disable screen shake? Totally want to play this, but the screen shake in the trailer is too much for me.


there’s a slider you can adjust it to your preferred amount!

I love the concept and gameplay..  What I struggle with is the controls?  A twin-stick control scheme would make this an insta-buy for me but the mouse/tank controls make it really hard for me to feel like I am in control of the ship.

When I die in combat, I don't feel like it's because the other ships bested me, it feels like it's because I couldn't control my ship well enough.  :-(


There's an option to switch to twin stick in the full game!

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Oh, that's great to know, thanks! Just bought the full game :-)

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Tried to launch the demo for Mac BUT the OS alert said it can't check it for malicious software and the system might be outdated. Anyone got any ideas? Game looks great btw, would love to give it a go!


Yeah sorry the mac demo may not work well anymore. I wasn't codesigning back then and the demo hasn't gotten updates since then. The full version is def codesigned and working well though.

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Bug/Crash report, don't know where else to leave it, also after aborting the game through the crash log the game executable still seems to be working and "on" but i cannot switch to the program with alt tab or by clicking on the icon on the taskbar:

action number 1
of  Step Event0
for object o_item_instant:

Variable <unknown_object>.y(1, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
at gml_Script_ammo_pickup_effect
stack frame is
gml_Script_ammo_pickup_effect (line -1)

Very nice.  Great art, the starting ship feels great, and so far controls, etc. seem intuitive.  I'll definitely be buying, but I hope you have a lot of content that wasn't shown in the demo (because I feel like you have the base of a potentially great game here).

Some feedback, FWIW:

The font is readable and the style is good, but I felt like I had to work a little more than I like to read it.  A smoother or more "clear" font would be easier for quick reading.  Not a must have, just something to think about.

The shaky camera effect when moving was disorienting and it might limit my time during game sessions.  I'd either turn it off or provide an off button in the settings - or a 'shake strength' slider, but I think 'off' would be better.

I'm also hoping that different ships move and handle differently.  Not a requirement, but really nice for this type of game.



I should preface my bug report by saying that I can literally play this game for hours, even though it's just a demo. If that weren't the case, I never would have noticed the following issues:

1. An error occurs if the last system you visited has no outlets to a different system that hasn't been played yet. This causes the game to crash.

2. If you use your ability and then quickly switch to a ship whose ability cooldown is shorter, the old ship's cooldown will remain in effect and the cooldown bar will extend far beyond the ability icon.

So my few coments about this game:
1) you should distribute .zip instead of instalation package (if GM2 allow that)
2) i like your graphic, good job done
3) whole game is really confusing, you should focus on improving this so more player can explore your game. You should tell player what to do and is goal. Map is good start but make it open somwhere around "WSAD" so you can open it when you fly and check if you are heading right way
4) i had problems with camera, it's hard to fight where you need precise controll but camera is "randomly" changing. Make camera more "static" in slow speed and then you can move it when player gain speed
5) faster travel, you should implement some "boost" to travel between planet, it's booring to wait until you fly that distance
6) i'm not sure about reloading, first i think that lower ammo you have, faster you reload, but then i realized that i reload faster if i'm moving and slower when i'm statit, that is really wierd
7) also i had problem when two interactible entities was near each other and i could "highlit" only one until i move in some precise spot

But beside this you game look nice on first look, i only managed to play it around 5 minut, then i was demotivated to play more because i didn't know "what to do and why" 

Heya! Thanks for your feedback it's great. I'll take this all into consideration as I make changes/tweaks.


None of the menu buttons work for me. The game launches but I'm stuck on the main menu unable to click anything. W and S and Arrow keys won't work either. Any ideas?

Sorry you are having those issues! What platform are you on (Windows/Mac, what version of Windows?). When you hover over the buttons do they change? or is just one selected the whole time?

I'm on windows, the latest version. The buttons highlight when I hover over them but clicking on them doesn't do anything

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If you press 'F' while hovering over them does it work? It shouldn't be working that way tbh but I'm just trying to isolate the problem. How did you install/launch the game? Using itch app or directly on your computer?

F doesn't work either, I'm launching from the itch app but I've also tried launching from just the exe (in local files) and it still doesn't work

Bummer. One more thing I thought of: do you have a gamepad connected to your device?

No, should I try it with one?

You could. But if you didn't have one connected already it might not do anything still. I was mostly wondering if you had one connected and it was switching the controls to that then it'd block your mouse and keyboard controls. If it does do something if you use a gamepad it would narrow down some possibilities though.

Can't get the game to run on macOS at all.
I've copied it to the Applications folder and already have settings to allow applications from anywhere but it's still saying the application is damaged.
Running macOS Catalina 10.15.2 on a 2019 MBP.

Heya, thanks for reporting this. It does seem like there's something different for Catalina, I was able to replicate it on a machine with Catalina and got the same results. I'll do some research into this issue.

Okay so it seems like Apple has changed how developers can hand off software in Catalina and basically made it impossible to give someone software without heavy restrictions and a paid developer account.

This is very disappointing, I don't currently have one but I'll consider getting one as I do want Mac users to be able to play the game.

I was able to work around it by downloading the itch.io app and launching the game through there. Sorry I know that's inconvenient and you've probably already gone through a lot to troubleshoot things but that's a way to play the game right now.


Really nice game, keep it up!
It sometimes feel a bit empty, but as long as we're in space, i guess it's the point. '^^

I will keep an eye on your game. :)

Thank you! The distance between things is pretty important but I do have plans for my next update to include some additional "events" in systems to participate in.

Can you tell me what you liked about it?


I like the way we can explore a system, with different ships (i would like more choices at the beginning or maybe unlocking ships through the game like unlocking new playable characters)

I also like defending the system, upgrading the ship and moving to new systems to defend.

Oh, maybe having a map (a big one) of what we already explored in the current system would be nice so we can more easily go back to the planets we want to help (i mean while i had not enough materials to repair a shield, i needed to find ressources and after that i sometime have troubles to find that planet i wanted to help repairing the shield :x )

Now you know what i like and have some bonus suggestions :) 

Awesome thank you very much for taking the time to tell me about your experience. 

Your first point about "unlocking" ships. I'm trying to decide how I want to do that. Which do you prefer?

1. Unlock ships to select at the beginning of the game via Achievements or experience progress.

2. Once you find and "activate" a ship in the game you can select that ship at the beginning of the game.

Both. Why not give the possibility to unlock some ships by achievments, and some others by activating them in game? :D


very beautiful. I hope you'll finish it

Thank you! I'm very hard on it. New version will be out sometime next week.

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Really great game. And the music is beautiful and relaxing.

The problem that I encountered though is that when playing a tough ship (and maybe others too but haven't checked that yet) I swapped my ship with some other ship that I've just repaired in deep space and they both turned in some sort of buggy sprites with grey background, “undefined” special ability and extremely low ammo

Oh interesting. Do you know what ship you had and which one you switched to? I’ll test that out and get a fix out.

The one I had was Burrl, but unfortunately I can’t tell which ship I switched to, sorry


No worries. Thanks for reporting and I'll look into it. Glad you enjoyed it!


Fixed in the next release. Thanks for finding that :).

I had a related problem. I repaired a ship (i had the classic ship, cant remember the name, the barrel roll one) and once i hold the key to take control of the new one (didnt recognize it), my game crashed :'(


Fun Game i like the art style!


Really cool game! Keep it up!


Thank you! Really appreciate it.


Really enjoying this!

Awesome! How far did you get?

cleared a couple systems before I died!

checked back in and love the improvements!

Heya! Thanks for giving it another go. What improvements stood out to you?


Awesome game, love how the weapons look and the friendly ships flying between planets you can trade with.  I found it some what hard to aim, especially when you and the enemy are both flying pretty fast.  It would be nice if there was a "Slow Speed" button, to let you aim while still being able to strafe(since you can't while stopped).  That or let the player strafe/reverse when not moving forward.  As for bugs, the game did crash when I died, and trading with a friendly ship for gas/minerals plays the pickup sound very loud because you get all of them at the same time.  Looking forward to seeing how this game turns out, its got tons of potential! 

Hey Jay, thanks for playing and leaving your feedback it's very helpful. Can you tell me which ship you played as? Also if you played as multiple ships which one did it crash when you died?

Your "slow speed" idea is interesting... I may have to explore that some.

The first time I crashed, I started as the ship with the shield and transferred into one with a Drone ability.  The second time I started as the shuriken ship, and transferred into one with the shield.

Okay great that will help me testing the death crash. Did you find it hard to aim with all the ships? The shuriken one has significantly different set up in that area so I'm just curious if it felt like that across the board or just with that ship?

More so with the faster ships and the slower weapons.  Like the machine gun and burst felt the best because they were the most forgiving for me with hitting.  (I love the beam laser but since I am bad at aiming missing a fighter or planet missile could be very dangerous)


Its cool dude

Thanks so much!